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X series


5 liveliness levels: X0, X1, X2, X3, X4

  • X0 very short bounce
  • X1 short bounce
  • X2 medium bounce
  • X3 high bounce
  • X4 very high bounce

Two colours: yellow and black. Black balls are ideal for light-coloured walls and yellow balls are the better choice for dark trinquete courts.

Choice of ball will depend on performance level and playing conditions.

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The balls are designed mainly for use in trinquete courts and those with a left-hand wall.

The principal qualities of the X Series range are as follows:

  • feel: optimum feel upon impact.
  • stability: thanks to the inertia of the rubber used in their manufacture, the bounce of X Series balls remains unchanged throughout the entire match.
  • durability: their compactness renders the balls extremely hard-wearing, meaning that the same ball can be used for many matches. Nevertheless, being made from rubber, the balls do suffer some wear and their bounce and spin (adherence) will alter over time. Therefore, in order to ensure ideal conditions during play, we recommend that they be replaced regularly (maximum one year).
  • reproducibility: the industrial process used ensures that all characteristics remain identical, batch after batch.
  • quick warm up: thanks to the type of rubber used, the balls take only a few minutes to warm up.
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The X Series range: high-quality solid rubber balls

To help you realise your full potential on the kantxa (pelota court), since this is Bista's overarching goal.

The hard-wearing X Series range (the 'X' stands for xilo) combines good sensations, durability and trajectory accuracy in order to respond in the best possible way to players' demands, in both regular and competition settings. Since they are extremely hard-wearing, Bista balls are a cost-effective choice.

Solid rubber Bista balls help optimise your performance during play.

Currently, the X Series Bista balls are the benchmark on the competitive circuit, and are the only solid rubber balls to carry the official seal of approval from the French Basque Pelota Federation.

SOMOCAPFédération Française de Pelote Basque
Bista Pilota